5 Reasons Why I Loved UCLA

Royce Hall lit up as part of a light projection show for UCLA’s centennial celebration.

Classes that were painful in the moment, but surprisingly fun in retrospect.

The UCLA CS Department and CS student organizations hold an annual town hall for students to give feedback about the state of UCLA CS.

Career opportunities everywhere.

Moments from my internship at Instagram.
Instagram Stories of Redfin’s company-wide conference, the view from Redfin’s SF office, and my first product launch celebration at Redfin.

Student Organizations.

The amazing teams at ACM and exploretech.la that I got to work with.

The People.

Some of the incredible people I have the pleasure of calling my friends.
One of the best parts about graduating is taking graduation photos.

Los Angeles.

Living my sliver of the glamorous LA life with Foundations Choreography.





Product @ Uber | UCLA 2019 🚀

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Nathan Yang

Nathan Yang

Product @ Uber | UCLA 2019 🚀

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